Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials will award the first Research IMPACT Award on 10 December 2019 to a researcher who has achieved optimum social impact within this sector with his research. Top sector T&U offers you the opportunity to nominate a maximum of two of your requests. Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials organizes this Research IMPACT Award together with AESIS Network. 

For whom?

The social impact of publicly funded research for practice is not exclusively focused on the return for business. In some cases, the return can be focused on sustainability or on safety for the citizen or the consumer. All in all, it can be stated that the demonstrable influence of a specific research project on the world outside the academic world itself can be defined as 'Social Impact'.

Precisely because this Impact is not always easy to measure, this presentation of the Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials Research IMPACT Award wants to make that appreciation visible to the researcher who has proven to be the most successful in this. The Award has a size of € 10,000.00. All nominees will receive an invitation for the Research IMPACT Event on December 10th 2019. 

RULES & Conditions

If you want to participate in the Research IMPACT Award form Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials and AESIS Network, you can send an email to Eline Hietbrink of AESIS via Your application should include the following information:

  • Nature and extent of cooperation with external parties - External investments in research in time or money, term and level of ambition of a public-private partnership, the role of the researcher in this;
  • Demonstrable results in practice - Income from patents or licenses, contribution to new products, how has the business community or society as a whole benefited from this research? Have jobs been created?
  • Manifestations of entrepreneurship - To what extent has the research led to new activity, entrepreneurship or has it led to the creation or expansion of start-up companies?
  • Public communication within the media and / or within the policy - What publications has this research led to within the media or policy?
  • Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - if applicable
  • Date on which the study was completed - only studies that have been completed in the last 5 years are eligible


Submission period begins:  1 juli 2019
Submission period ends:  16 september 2019
Evaluation begins:  17 september 2019
 Evaluation ends:  20 oktober 2019
 Winners notified:  1 november 2019
 Winners announced:  10 december 2019 

How to enter

Send an e-mail to Eline Hietbrink of AESIS via and indicate in this e-mail why the researchers you wish to nominate are eligible for this Award (see also the 'Rules & Conditions').

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- William Lawrence Bragg